About Us

Peterson Manufacturing Company

As a world-leading innovator in the production and marketing of vehicle safety lighting systems and accessories, family-owned Peterson Manufacturing has been building its brand on quality products and service since 1945.

Our Mission

We provide customers with the maximum value in vehicle lighting, mirrors and other related safety products and accessories through a commitment to continuous improvement in quality, cost and service.

What We Believe

We believe that building quality is our unbending responsibility as a global leader. We also believe that total commitment to quality is the surest route to ever-brighter product solutions, helping make the road safer for everyone.

Eye On Tomorrow

Our ability to recognize and meet customer needs with better ideas is a tribute to the dedication of our people, as well as our commitment to quality and innovation. These attributes are the heart of all we do. Today our growing corporate family includes twelve unique divisions - each specializing in transportation-related industries, and focusing on meeting tomorrow's needs with cutting-edge innovation and old-fashioned quality.

Significant Customer Awards

  • "Quality Assured Supplier" from Caterpillar
  • "Targets for Excellence" from General Motors
  • "Preferred Supplier" from John Deere

Our Facilities & People

Peterson Manufacturing is headquartered in a modern 670,000 square foot facility located in Grandview, Missouri-a suburb of Kansas City. This facility houses management, sales, engineering, R&D, manufacturing and assembly, purchasing, shipping, receiving and warehousing departments.

We are proud to have the brightest, most dedicated vehicle safety system specialists in our industry. Peterson's more than 650 non-union associates are the real key of our success and growth. Many of our associates are second and third-generation, and all of them share in the company's profits through employee stock ownership and profit sharing.

With its vast production facilities, warehousing space and dedicated associates, Peterson maintains a remarkable 97% fill-rate and order-turnaround of three-to-five days.

We're Passionate About Quality

Peterson opened its doors in 1945 as a small company specializing in manufacturing safety lighting for the automotive aftermarket. Over the past 70 years, Peterson has become an industry leader and multi-industry corporation. During this transformation, leadership continually focused on creating the highest quality product possible. This core value is perhaps best reflected in the fact that Peterson was one of the first 40 manufacturers in the United States to obtain ISO 9001/QS-9000 registration, and the first US vehicle safety lighting manufacturer to obtain this important registration. Our customers know that our quality systems meet a standard of excellence that is internationally understood and accepted.

Quality is also why Peterson builds products that not only meet federal specifications, but also exceed them by 25% and why we enjoy the industry's lowest return rate.

Our Products

Peterson doesn't just manufacture vehicle lighting, harnesses, reflectors, mirrors, antennas and other related products. We build solutions - products that solve customer needs for function, performance, reliability and cost. That's value, the vital metric that defines Peterson quality.

  • Today more than 2,200 product solutions comprise our ever-growing coverage of vehicle lighting, safety systems and accessories.
  • Our LumenX® brand of LED lights sets the industry standard in LED technology
  • Including utility, landscape, boat, livestock, gooseneck, tilt-bed and cargo vehicles, we supply the majority of all light- and medium-duty trailers built.
Corporate Headquarters
Solid Strength & Stability

Peterson Manufacturing was founded in 1945 and has been under the present ownership since 1956. The company has enjoyed more than five decades of continuous financial success. We are privately owned with the majority ownership within the Armacost family, who actively manage the business.

As a privately held company, we do not release comprehensive financial information to outside parties. However, we feel it is important for prospective customers to be comfortable about our ability to meet their needs. Peterson and its wholly-owned subsidiary companies have annual net sales of approximately $200 million and over $100 million in assets. Ongoing operations generate cash flow sufficient to maintain the corporation’s current financial status.

Peterson's banking reference for the past 50 years is UMB Bank, N./A., Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Robert P. Elbert, Senior Vice President, may be contacted at (816) 860-7116, if you desire. UMB Bank has extended to Peterson and its affiliates lines of credit of approximately $40 million. We can also furnish you with supplier references to satisfy any credit needs. You can also access additional information about Peterson from Dun & Bradstreet's report on us at DUNS No. 00-714-6095.