FAQs and Tips

1. When do I need a tail light converter (V5410) for my car and trailer?

When your car lighting system has a separate turn-signal lamp from the brake and tail light. The V5410 is an electronic trunk connector which converts vehicle lighting systems with separate turn signals to the conventional trailer lighting system.

2. Do you have any tips for installing a replacement set of tail lights on my trailer?

Before purchasing replacement lights, clean the mounting bolts on the existing lights with a wire brush. Many lights ground through the mounting hardware and an improper or “bad” ground is the primary cause for lights not working.

3. I have trouble running the new trailer harness through my enclosed frame. Any tips for this installation?

Cut the trailer plug from the old harness and tie the end of the new harness to the old. Then carefully pull the old harness out the rear of the trailer.

4. I am replacing the car-side plug on my wire harness. Which plug is car-side?

Car-side plug has its pins protected or shrouded.

5. How do I know which wires go where when replacing my wire harness?

The directions are clear. Peterson follows standard wiring guidelines. Brown is tail, green and yellow are turn, etc.

6. What is the difference between a waterproof and submersible light?

Submersible lights use the bell-jar concept. This allows a small amount of water inside the housing. The resulting air pressure inside the cavity prevents any additional water from reaching the area where the contacts and sockets are located. Waterproof is usually associated with a completely sealed light. Competitors often claim their light is waterproof, but in actuality, their light also uses the bell-jar concept.

7. How do I choose trailer lights for my personal watercraft and boat trailers which meet DOT standards?

You would measure across the widest width of the trailer. If the measurement is 80” or above, you must purchase a light kit that is approved for over 80” trailers. If the trailer measures less than 80”, you can use any other light kit which is available.

8. Do you have any tips for launching your boat when using non-submersible tail lights?

Be sure to unplug wire harness and let lights cool down. Use lithium grease in the socket to reduce the corrosion that water can cause.

9. Do you have any other tips for extending trailer light life?

1) After removing trailer from launching ramp, wash down the inside and outside of your trailer lights to prevent corrosion of the socket.

2) Silicone spray the mounting areas around the bulb to prevent corrosion.

3) Buy trailer lights with extended life bulbs. Most Peterson lights come with 15,000 hour bulbs, which can be identified by their distinctive green base.

This page is still in progress. Check back for more tips and answers to frequently asked questions.